Back To School

Back to school

It is with mixed emotions that we charge through the last hectic weekend of the school holidays before The Band Company kids go back to school.

Before their return on Monday, my big boy turns 10 today, DOUBLE FIGURES!?!?! How did...

Featured Bride - Lindy Kingsley

Our Featured Bride Lindy Kingsley married James on 15th September 2012, here she shares her special day:

Getting Married – Later in Life!

We got married when we were 48 and 59 respectively. James had been married before, we had...

City Chic London Wedding 2015

Welcome to a new guest blogger on The Band Company website, a very recent new bride – Helen.

I worked with Helen when I first moved to Kent 12 years ago and despite my leaving that company when I had my first son, Helen and I kept in...

Famous Friends

As you know, here at The Band Company, we have many famous friends! Last week we brought 2 of our most favourite famous friends together at last!!

Babs the Shetland pony has been teaching children (and adults) to ride and drive for the...

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

It’s Wednesday, nearly the weekend finally, so why not take a coffee break and see if you can name our celebrities in the shadows?

And for a bonus prize* Can you guess which celebrity will be joining The Band Company...

Doritos Mariachi Band Hire

Ex Doritos Mariachi bookings

We were so pleased that due to our personal relationship with The Mariachis (of the Doritos adverts fame), we were approached to become booking agents for their former fifth member’s new mariachi venture.

Since leaving The Mariachis to...

Multi-Day or Weekend Wedding

Multi-Day or Weekend Wedding

We have been looking at wedding trends and making our predictions for 2016 and beyond and one emerging trend which can’t be ignored is multi-day weddings/weekend weddings. With many families dispersed to...

Weather Be Dammed - 10 Tips for Dealing With Bad Weather

Weather Be Dammed – 10 Tips for Dealing With Bad Weather

As I sit in my office, on a particularly wet and depressing August morning, I can just make out the bells ringing from our local church, calling for (soggy) guests to take...

What's in a (Big) Name?

What’s in a (Big) Name?

As far as we are concerned all of our acts are big names, it’s just the general public haven’t discovered them yet.

Lots of music agents focus on representing big name acts, after all it’s where the money...

It's Christmas!!

It’s Christmas!!

So…..the kids have just broken up from school…..our tan hasn’t yet dried ahead of our fortnight in Marbs….so, it must be time to start Christmas shopping, and more importantly, booking our Christmas entertainment!!...