Joe's Bows

Our Partners - Joe's Bows

Following on from our blog about I Do Devoted Dreams, it's time to introduce a very different partner of ours, Joe's Bows.

Established in 2010, Joe's Bows is owned by Joe and Gemma Raines. Joe's Bows provide Country Sports which are...

Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday - it's Pancake Day!

Whoops, I totally forgot that it's Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day today! Luckily the ingredients for pancakes are pretty much always in my kitchen and I've checked the golden syrup is even still in date!! So what's your favourite pancake filling?...

A Guide to Proposals

Romantic February - A guide to Proposals

Well it's officially the most romantic month of 2016. This February not only contains Valentine's day but unusually Kissing Friday falls before Valentine's, plus it is a leap year. That gives you three key dates to show your beloved just...
Sir Terry Wogan

Sir Terry Wogan

Well January 2016 will go down as the month that saw the death of many big names from the world of showbiz. Still reeling from the loss of Bowie and Alan Rickman, amongst others, we woke yesterday to the sad news that Sir Terry Wogan had died following a short battle with cancer.

I Do Devoted Dreams 

Our Partners - I Do Devoted Dreams 

This year we thought in addition to our guest bloggers it might be nice to introduce you to some of our fantastic partner suppliers. So to kick off "Our Partners" blog series we will start with one of our newest: I Do Devoted Dreams

I Do...

Book Phil Beer

Phil Beer - Live at The Band Company

It's a chilly morning out there today, I know as I've been out putting up posters for our forthcoming live music event with Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston that we are holding in March. I'm very glad to come into one of my favourite local...
Efe The Voice

Book Efe from BBC's The Voice UK

The excitement is just starting to die down at The Band Company following Efe's brilliant performance on BBC1's The Voice UK on Saturday night! Not only did he impress enough to get a judge to turn, it was The Band Company favourite, RICKY...
TBC0065 - Wil Johnson - DJ

Hire 1LWIL aka DJ Wil Johnson

Yet another personal connection of The Band Company has led to an exciting new artist joining our roster of acts this week. We had heard great things about a recent DJ set at one of our favourite local venues in Kent, with a little...