Joe's Bows

Wedding Fair

Wedding Fairs are big business for some and exciting events for brides and bridegrooms to be. However they are something that thus far The Band Company has avoided, but that is about to change!

One of the problems when you have such a...


Celebrity Deaths 2016

As I sat here in January writing a blog about the untimely death of David Bowie, little did I imagine that he would joined so swiftly by so many other celebrities this early into 2016.

We aren't neglecting keeping our blogs up to date but...

A New Day

A New Day Festival Hernhill Tickets

Fresh back from another meeting with the organisers of A New Day Festival at Mount Ephraim in Hernhill, just a reminder that tickets are available from The Band Company. These can be collected in person from Hernhill, thereby avoiding any booking...

A New Day

A New Day Festival Tickets

As the sun starts to make an appearance (don't mention the Arctic blast and snow forecast for next week!), our thoughts turn to festival season.

The Band Company are lucky to a) have a 3 day festival on our doorstep and b) to be an...

Out of Office

Out of Office

Liz and I have been lucky enough to both have a few days off with our children over the Easter holiday, but don't worry we left The Band Com

pany Head Office in VERY capable hands/paws...

Who needs a PA or even a VA when you've got...

X Factor

X Factor Auditions at Dreamland Margate

We have mixed feelings on The X Factor at The Band Company, but we raised an eyebrow when we noticed that auditions for X Factor 2016 are coming to our local retro theme park, Dreamland in Margate.

Hire mariachi Band Kent

Mexican Weddings

The trend for getting married abroad shows no sign of abating, with Mexican weddings as popular as ever. For those who decide on a Mexican wedding, many will take just their nearest and dearest with them and then will organise a big reception...

A-Ha Then

A-Ha at The O2

Immense excitement for me this morning, a mere 30 years (THIRTY YEARS!!!!!) since I went to school with bits of leather tied round my wrist for the first time, I'm finally seeing the wondrous Morten and co live in concert for the first time...
Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston in Kent

Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston - A runaway success

We are still buzzing from Friday night's performance, we can honestly say that Miranda and Rex have never sounded better! The atmosphere was electric and there were goosebumps aplenty. The new songs from The Watchmaker's Wife Album are...
Pilgrims Hospices Fundraising Quiz

Pilgrims Hospices Fundraising Quiz

As some of you know Pilgrims Hospices is a charity close to our hearts and is one of The Band Company's chosen charities that we support.

6 months ago my step father suggested that he might like to organise a quiz to raise funds for...