Mothering Sunday Entertainment

Mothering Sunday Entertainment

Why not make Mothering Sunday The Mother of all Sundays!

Everyone loves to treat their mum on Mothering Sunday, but the choice of where to take her out for lunch is overwhelming as it seems every venue in the land is offering a special...

May Day Entertainment

May Day Events

Doesn’t it feel good to have the sun on your face again? This spring seems to have been a long time coming, if I’m honest getting motivation for summer bookings and festivals had been hard work when we are still sitting indoors with the...
Love live music

Love Live Music?!

Ever fallen in love at a live music event?! For one young Kent couple a night out to see TBC0039 led to unexpected romance! Here is Nancy’s story:

It was a cold Saturday night, November 17th 2013, the weather was pretty rubbish and I was...

Festival band

Band Company Night Out!

Liz and I jump at the chance of a night out at a gig, but how exciting this weekend when we booked our very own TBC0039 to play at our local,! Thanks to landlord Ben for taking us up on our suggestion to chase away winter...
st. david's day

Planning a St David's Day event?

Will you be hosting a St. David’s Day event on the 1st March?

We thought we’d give you a helping hand by giving you some inspiration, we have created a St. David’s Day Pinterest board .

It’s not to late to book some Welsh...

Engagement Party

Planning your Engagement Party

With all the excitement of getting engaged and thinking about planning your wedding it’s really easy to overlook celebrating the engagement itself. It’s certainly worth celebrating in style with a good old fashioned engagement party.


Kissing Friday

Valentine's Day Fail?!

Are you in the dog house after Valentine's?

OK, so it's the same date every year, the shops are full of hearts and flowers for weeks in advance and yet somehow it is still possible to forget it's Valentine's Day, cue a mad dash to buy the last...

TBC0004 - Marachi Pop

Hire a Mariachi Band, while they are still hot!

Fan of The Doritos Mariachi Band?

How do you fancy surprising someone with a pop up Mariachi performance such as Tom Cruise’s birthday surprise for Graham Norton? (click here for video)

Or would you like a Mariachi band to perform at your...