Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings Increase in Popularity

One thing you can be certain of, if you are getting married anywhere in the UK, is that the weather cannot be relied on. Despite this the majority of brides still opt for a summer wedding and dream of celebrating in the sunshine, photos outside...

christmas parties

Christmas Parties, in January? Or even February?!

Diaries booked solid in December?

We are all getting busier and trying to organise any event in December becomes a logistical nightmare. We both have our birthdays in the middle of December and always feel quite honoured when our friends can make...

Birthday Entertainment

Happy Birthday To Us (again)

Before you start questioning your memory and thinking how time flies, it's not The Band Company's birthday it's OUR birthdays!

Yes Gabi and I are lucky enough to share (along with a business, neighbourhood, social lives and very often...

professional musicians

Pay them? I thought they'd work for food?

This time last year the gardens here at the Manor were destroyed by some very large and very scary leylandii trees falling left, right and centre in the winter storms. In addition to running The Band Company, we have spent much of the year...
Black Friday

Black Friday Bargains? (move along please)

Have you got all of your Black Friday bargains yet? Or are you, like us, bored of the whole thing? We can't help but wonder how much profit margin there must have been in a product or service you have paid just 40% of the RRP for?

Here at...

St Andrew's Day

St Andrew's Day

Honouring its patron saint, St Andrew, St Andrew's Day is Scotland’s national day. There are many events across Scotland, including traditional meals, poetry readings, story telling, bagpipe music and country dancing. This is a great...
patron saint of musicians

Patron Saint of Musicians

You may find it hard to believe but The Band Company aren't actually the Patron Saint of Musicians, it is, of course, Saint Cecilia. As this is her saints day tomorrow and musicians could always do with a little extra support we thought...
songwriting ideas


It happens to the best of us, that song that you JUST CAN'T GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Usually it's not your favourite tune either, but the most annoying song doing the rounds, Gangnam Style we are looking at you...

Strangely my current...

Vintage Christmas

A Gloriously Vintage Christmas

This year promises to be a Gloriously Vintage Christmas with Santa and his vintage helpers coming to visit Mount Ephraim on the 30th of November 2014.

Here you'll find retro gifts, foodie surprises, hand-crafted pressies and a snifter or...