Weekday Weddings

Superstition tells us that Saturday is the worse day of the week to get married and yet (for obvious reasons) it is the most popular! The rhyme tells us that in fact Wednesday is the best day of all to get married and yet until recently weekday weddings were out of favour.

Monday for health,
Tuesday for wealth,
Wednesday best of all,
Thursday for losses,
Friday for crosses,
Saturday for no luck at all.

There are only so many Saturdays in the summer and with waiting lists for venues, entertainment and prices often being significantly higher on summer Saturdays, more and more brides are considering a weekday wedding. 

Of course a Saturday wedding does make life easier for your guests, no need to take a day off work and having Sunday to recover from the evening reception!  We are seeing band bookings for all days of the week now, from Monday to Friday, in fact when we get asked about a date the first thing we have to do is to check which day of the week it is, more often than not these days it ISN'T a Saturday!

You will have far more scope if you opt for a weekday wedding, venues are less likely to be booked and will often give you a massive discount against their Saturday rate.  Obviously there are some parts of the wedding that won't cost less for a weekday wedding, but you may well get a bargain with your live music too.  This might mean that you can have a bigger or better band within your budget or that you will save money on the live music budget.

If you are planning a weekday wedding, give us a call, you might be pleasantly surprised at the cost of an awesome wedding band!

December 5, 2016