TBC0060 - Mitch Winehouse - Jazz Singer

Mitch Winehouse is not only father of the legendary Amy Winehouse, he is also a performer in his own right with an established jazz pedigree.  Mitch now performs exclusively to raise awareness of and funds for The Amy Winehouse Foundation, which he set up in his daughter’s memory.

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Jazz is in the Winehouse family DNA, both Mitch and his daughter Amy had an upbringing soundtracked by Jazz, with family and friends inspiring their love of this genre in particular.

“My father owned a barber shop on Commercial Street and my mother had a hairdressers at the back of it,” Mitch says, “all I remember since day one was music.  Jazz, swing, lots of Sinatra.  We lived above this place with aunties, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents.  Every floor had different music, we were singing all the time, together, on our own.  I mean it was a poor world, no indoor toilets, kids still died of rickets through poor diet, but when I look back the music soundtracks a happy time.  It’s a way of life that’s gone forever but the memories are the wonderful people and music, it oozes through these songs".  “Amy had a very similar upbringing, always aunties, uncles, grandparents and friends around….and always music”.

Mitch Winehouse’s live gigs show a real depth of musical knowledge and impeccable taste, stemming from his young days in the East End of London.  He is available with a variety of line ups, right through to a full orchestra.  Please contact us about your event and we can advise on a suitable line up. 

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